Game Sheets

Capture game scores easily

The Game Sheet on iOS (iPhone & iPad)

Without pen and paper

Do you love to spend a game night with your family or friends playing cards, dice or other games, but you’re tired of searching for pen and paper and writing them down and adding them up? Then you’ll find the ultimate app for keeping track of scores. Negotiating who has to write down has finally come to an end. Instead of “Who has to write”, from now on it’s “I want to write today.”

Companion for all games

The game sheet will be your best companion for Skat, Doppelkopf, Triominos, Rummy, Canasta, Uno, Mau Mau, Yatzi, Kniffel, Phase 10 as a dice or card game, Darts, Wizard and many other games where you add up points.

No ads

Guaranteed no advertising for full gaming enjoyment (for life, I promise)!

Everything in view for up to 6 players

Game rounds of up to 6 players are supported. All important information is visible and editable at a glance without much scrolling. For each game there is a live statistic with final placement and a line chart for the time course.

Want a rematch?

After the end of a game round, do you need a rematch with the same players? No problem, just open a new game round.

Live statistics

The game sheet automatically keeps statistics of the medal ranks achieved (1st, 2nd, 3rd) and gives an overview of the overall standings across all rounds of play.

Share reports with other players

At the end of the game night, each game sheet (a single game round or including all revanches) can be shared as a PDF. The PDF can be distributed to fellow players via mail or messanger or simply printed or saved as a file.

Always flexible

For each player, his name, game color and seating order can be selected. If necessary, this can be changed at any time during the game. If a friend is late and wants to join later, that’s no problem either: simply add another player in the current game. Does a friend have to leave early? No problem either: if necessary, simply take him out of the scoring and he will no longer be considered.  Does he want to play again?  Simply include him again.


When you create a new game list, the app remembers your favorite games so that they appear first in the selection lists. The names of your current teammates are offered as name suggestions when you enter them. This way, creating a new game list for a game night only takes seconds and you are quickly ready to go.

Guaranteed privacy

All data captured in the app stays on the device. No cloud. No tracking.

Searchable history

All game sheet are listed in a searchable play slip history. So you can resume interrupted games with a tap or delete or create a duplicate with a swipe.

Always ready

With a shot of “hot coffee” (☕️), the screen remains active during scorekeeping and the game sheet is always ready for input and information (“Who is leading?” , “Who is giving?” “How many points are still missing?”). No cumbersome unlocking with FaceID, TouchId or code.

Dark Mode

You like the dark mode? The game sheet notices that and also presents itself in a dark look.

Variety of games and counting

For keeping score, the game sheet offers support for different counting modes and specially optimized input modes for individual games:

  • Principle counting methods for diverse types of games
    • Individual points for each player in each round
      • Totaling and scoring by maximum sum (e.g. for Rummy, Canasta, …)
      • Adding up and scoring by minimum sum (e.g. for Uno, Mau Mau, …)
      • Counting down from a freely selectable initial value (e.g. Darts, …)
    • Game value as points for each round
      • Only the winner or winners get the points (e.g. Skat, …)
      • Distribution of points to the winning and losing party, as a zero-sum game (e.g. Doppelkopf, …) 
  • Consideration of special game features during input
    • Skat (with basic value, tips, Schneider, Schwarz, Hand, Ouvert, Revolution, Re, Contra, Bock)
    • Doppelkopf (U90,U60, U30, Black, Re, Contra, Cancellations, Solo, Bonus points )
    • Darts x01 (Single, Double, Triple)
    • Add up darts (Single, Double, Triple)
    • Rummy
    • Phase10 – card game (tracking of achieved phases consecutively or flexibly)
    • Phase10 Master – card game (tracking of reached phases one after another or flexible)
    • Phase 10 – Dice game (predefined phases and bonus calculation)
    • Yatzi/Kniffel (with or without pairs) (predefined phases and bonus calculation)
    • Wizard (prediction of tricks with hidden input and matching with the obtained tricks )

If you don’t find your usual counting method, just contact me with a short description of your usual counting method and I will check if I can include it.

Have fun

Have fun capturing and tracking your scores.